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An often-unnoticed opportunity is spread across the United States in a system of higher education that is centered on the Word of God – a collection of almost 100 colleges and universities accredited through the Association of Biblical Higher Education. They’re located from Hawaii to Maine, Alaska to Puerto Rico; in urban centers and beautiful countryside settings. They offer an exciting array of programs of study and can be experienced through traditional on-campus settings, on-line delivery systems, or dynamic combinations of on-line and face-to-face classes.

The roots of this system of education reach back over 2,000 years to Christ’s own mentoring of his disciples. Today, these institutions include both old, historic centers of learning and newly emerging schools with a dynamic vision for world impact. Altogether, they offer a remarkable cadre of faculty who are not only thought leaders in their disciplines of study, but also highly effective practitioners who have made substantial contributions to communities around the world. Their hallmark is the preparation of alumni who lead lives of significance and world-class legacy. How does this happen?

Institutions within the Biblical higher education movement offer a unique approach to graduate and post-graduate education that includes three distinctive values.


At the core of each program of study you will find a strong collection of courses centered on the direct study of the Word of God. This flows from an understanding that a significant life flows from the heart of a person – who they are, not just what they know. Study of the Bible, whether in English, your mother tongue, or in the original ancient near eastern languages, is led by distinguished faculty who teach from a lifetime of personal immersion in the Word and a personal devotion to Christ; a rare combination of scholars and fellow sojourners in faith. The results are mentally quickening, spiritually illuminating, and heart transforming. The journey will include keen insights and a maturing grasp of the nature of man, the impact of evil and sin, the nature and wonder of God, the hope and potential for personal transformation, and how all of these vital components of a biblical world-view can impact the world through a life of significant service. The capstone of course is the glory of what God has done in Christ, especially on the cross and how this releases incredible potential for a life of personal significance and a legacy of service.

Flowing naturally from the study of God’s Word, this educational approach is intentionally focused on the formation of who you are as a person including the development of Christ-like character. This happens within the context of relationally enriched, faith-based, learning communities where faculty, administration, and staff are engaged for personal transformation not just academic success. As you study, worship, and live together in community, friendships are developed that will last a lifetime because they are formed out of the common journey of shared values and vision.

Building on a foundation of biblical studies and character transformation, every student will choose a program of study that most closely reflects their interests and aptitude for vocational engagement. Every program will include an array of general education courses to provide a context for your professional focus. Your area of program concentration or major will take you on an exciting journey of superior professional preparation to be highly effective in your chosen vocation.

Whether you’re focused on completing an undergraduate degree or preparing for further education at the graduate level or beyond, many excellent programs of study are offered through the highly respected institutions of biblical higher education represented in the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

To explore your options, go to the ABHE website; The Directory link will help your find an institution near your preferred location and includes hot links to every institution’s website for a complete listing of the programs of study and information on financial aid and admissions.

The issue of greatest value is simple. Do you pursue an education just for vocational success? Or will you seek an education that offers a foundation both for personal transformation and effective engagement in the marketplace? If it’s the latter, you will find an incredible opportunity in the ABHE system of almost 100 institutions located throughout North America. Your service to our country will be highly valued and doors will be opened for your pursuit of a life of personal integrity and significance that leads to a legacy of transformational impact.

Submitted by the Association for Biblical Higher Education.
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Created by Ronald in 8/10/2012 11:08:57 PMSeriously this is so true. And I understand where you are coinmg from Kelly. You are talking TO **WOMEN** so either we could sit around here and gripe about husbands and be unproductive and breed even more discontentment among women, or we can be proactive and encourage each other to at least TRY OUR BEST (with God's help) to DO OUR PART.God rewards the obedient (husbands will be judged according to their obedience to God as well). If our husbands are in the wrong, they need prayer instead of nagging (which is only counterproductive) It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife.Proverbs 21:19 It is better to live in a desert land thanwith a quarrelsome and fretful woman. Proverbs 19:13bThe contentions of a wife are a constant dripping .
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Created by Vanessa in 6/1/2012 2:42:43 AMI don't know where you are located but I know Cal State East Bay has a good Health Science pragorm with a couple of options. Health administration and Health Education. San Francisco State University has a Health Education Degree but its not called Health Science.


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